Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Russian pilots leave to fly to China

Российские летчики уходят в декрет, чтобы улететь в Китай
The Federal air transport Agency denied information about the hundreds of Russian pilots working in the Asian airlines. According to the Agency, in 2016 the Chinese companies employed about 80 Russian pilots. — That is common earlier information about three or four hundred Russian pilots, who retired only recently to work in China and Southeast Asia, does not correspond to the real situation, and the numbers are exaggerated, — quotes “RIA Novosti” Agency.
Sources of “Izvestiya” in the Federal air transport Agency reported that, according to the survey air transport Agency, since the beginning of 2015 left about 200 pilots. Of these, about 100 people went to work in foreign airlines, and data on future employment of the remaining 100 people there — “they could go to work in other Russian airlines, could move abroad.” However, on condition of anonymity, a staff member told the publication that recently there is another new trend, the pilots began to issue holiday on care of children up to three years, with the aim to use this time for employment in foreign airlines, while maintaining their jobs. But while such cases are sort of sporadic.
Previously, “Kommersant” reported that in China and other Asia airlines of Russia left more than 300 commanders of aircraft (FAC) and instructors over the past 2.5 years. Russian airlines are trying to stop the leak of flight personnel abroad, since the problem of shortage of pilots in Russia “worsened amid soaring growth in passenger traffic.” In trying to stop the outflow of personnel, Moscow ceased to confirm to the Chinese employers in the pilot certificates of the Russian pilots. The sources noted that China has found a workaround via Bermuda, where it was almost all flying to Russia for foreign aircraft, and in the database stored information about flying it the pilots.
The representative “Russia” (part of Aeroflot group) told the media that his airline is taking the initiative to develop a mechanism for the temporary suspension of flight evidence pilots at a time when they declare their withdrawal from the flight work family and other circumstances, but not retiring from the airline.
The expert portal Aviation Explorer Vladimir Karnozov does not see the outflow of Russian pilots abroad surprising.
— As you know, in 2014-2015, there was a sharp weakening of the Russian ruble against foreign currencies. In such circumstances, the Russian airline began to save on staff, because for the lease of Airbus and Boeing they are paid in a freely convertible currency, and tickets are sold in rubles. Naturally, the pilots that fly on Western technology and know English, to accept more lucrative offers from foreign companies. If they were flying machines Tu and Yak, there’s hardly anywhere left.
“SP”: — According to media reports, foreign aircraft flying in Russia, is registered in Bermuda.
— This is understandable — aircraft are leased and registration in a place like this reduces taxation and the risk that the machine can be selected. A vivid example is India. When the local airline Kingfisher Airlines went bankrupt, it had problems with the return of the aircraft even despite the fact that they belonged to leasing companies — local law cars were registered in India and their long time could not take back. The Europeans practically did not register on convenient, from the point of view of legislation, Bermuda has its equipment, but we are on it, though I should be ashamed.
“SP”: — As noted by “Kommersant” on July 1, 2016, carriers of the Russian Federation operated 491 Boeing and Airbus, at the beginning of July of 2017, the Park has grown to 570 cars. Russian aircraft generally are operated by our airlines?
— If to judge not on the numerical part, where there is An, Tu, Yak and Sukhoi Superjet, and the volume of traffic, the share of Russian aircraft — only 4-5 percent. With regard to statistics on the pilots migrated to the Asian airlines, the calculations may be different — can be considered those who are in pilots, there are pilots who recently engaged in another activity, but then at the invitation of the airlines left to work abroad. In their statistics, most likely, not taken into account.
In General, the situation is more or less back on track until strengthened the national currency or until gets used to it, which would entail an increase in ruble-denominated salaries of pilots.
The President of Fund “civil aviation Partner”, honored pilot of the USSR, the former Deputy Minister of civil aviation, Oleg Smirnov says that the turnover of pilots and instructors abroad has been around for two decades, just recently the situation worsened.
— In fact, in Asia use our budget because the local airlines are prepared highly qualified specialists. And training commander — a fairly costly affair, and each second pilot for the physical and psychological data can become a commander.
The problem is not new, and it speaks of the inefficiency of state management of civil aviation. At a certain time famous person ruined our aircraft in civil aviation, we have lost the status of aviation power and switched to Airbus and Boeing. And our aircrew have traditionally always had a high level of confidence in the world, the crews eagerly invited foreign airlines. Who would refuse from highly skilled professionals, decent and physically healthy?
And it is not in a higher salary, and in relation to pilots. In some companies they are treated as carriers in China — wear on the hands. Annual plaque in Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese companies have less pilots than the Russian. And that means less risk for pilots, because it affects the constant change of time zones, solar radiation, fatigue. Accordingly, it improves safety. Benefits abroad are not much better. Or, say, the commander in China are delivered to the place of departure to the service transport. We have the same — if flying from Sheremetyevo, and lives in the South of Moscow, he is a few hours out for yourself to get to the airport in traffic, and then, for example, to fly 10-12 hours to America.
But the worst for the pilot — not the salary, and the loss of skills. As is known, Transaero airlines ceased operations, UTair has significantly reduced the Park, so the crew was left without a job. Not to lose the flight qualification, of course, they agreed to the proposals of foreign companies.

Therefore, there is a whole range of reasons, which forces pilots to respond positively to offers of Asian companies. But the most striking thing is that some figures still suggest to suspend the license of commanders who go abroad. In the aviation profession can be denied in only two cases — if it has committed a gross violation of the existing rules, which led to serious consequences, and if used alcohol or drugs before or during the flight. We generally market economy, in which the main instrument of competition. Develop the economy, to become competitive, and neither the commander of the ship not going anywhere.

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