Tuesday, July 25, 2017

CAPA LCCs in North Asia Summit, Jun-2018, at Seoul, to be hosted by Korea Airports Corporation

CAPA - Centre for Aviation is pleased to announce that Seoul will host the annual CAPA LCCs in North Asia Summit on 12-13 June 2018. The yearly Summit attracts C-Level Airline delegates and speakers from across Asia and will be hosted in 2018 by Korea Airports Corporation (KAC), the nation’s leading airport operator in Korea.
“We are very proud to be hosting this CAPA Summit next year, with the opportunity to introduce the attractiveness of small-medium sized airports such as Chung-Ju, Dae-Gu, Muan, Yang-yang, operated by KAC in Korea”, said Sung Il Hwan, President & CEO, KAC. “For several years, the LCC market has been growing strongly in Korea. We are very pleased to host this event in 2018."
"It will offer an excellent platform to further boost the LCC market”, added Mr. Sung.

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