Thursday, March 30, 2017

Confronting digital drag in Thailand’s airline sector

Thailand’s airline sector is not the most advanced when it comes to digital transformation

By Boonsong Kositchotethana

Airlines are generally less digitally savvy than some other sectors when it comes to exploiting the likes of big data analytics and the Internet of Things.
Some carriers are doing a great job when it comes to in-cabin service, online bookings, tracking bags and informing passengers about gate changes.
But unfortunately, many airlines tend to tackle these services in a segmented way, not providing a visible and seamless presentation of their offerings online, and thus not giving consumers a full, 360 digital experience, says Nikunj Shanti, chief data and digital officer at AirAsia.
“Airlines generally don’t think very much about the next level of services that [passengers] need,” he says.
While AirAsia was among the first to only do bookings online and has been proactive on social media, Mr Shanti could not help but perceive the airline as epitomising a low-cost carrier (LCC).
“Tech-wise, it is viewed as functional, not the most advanced, not coming out with new and creative ideas,” he says.

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