Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Phitsanulok Airport's mysterious 747s involved in Thai tax fraud?

Tax fraud suspected on old 747s

  • Published: 8/03/2011 at 03:06 PM
  • Online news:
The Crime Suppression Division officers have searched two old Boeing 747 aircraft parked at Phitsanulok airport after being informed that the owner was suspected of tax evasion, the CSD revealed on Tuesday.
On Monday, a team of CSD police with a search warrant, led by Pol Col Thanawut Thuamsombun, searched their two aircraft, which are docked at the Phitsanulok Airport. They found that the eight engines and many other parts had been removed from the two jets. 
The aircraft have been repainted in white. The paint covers the aircraft’s original registration and other indications of their origin.
Photo by Chinawat Singha
A CSD source said it was alleged that the aircrafts' owner had sold parts from the two Boeing planes without paying proper taxes.
The source said the CSD team  had found the two aircraft belong to Orient Thai Airlines, which had rented the docking space  at Phitsanulok airport.  The airline informed the airport authorities that the two aircraft were there for maintenance.
The source said it was  widely known  in the airline industry that the airline wanted to sell the two old aircraft for  several million baht each.
The source said the CSD team had neither seized the two aircraft nor pressed any charge against any suspect.
The team has only recorded their findings from the search. The team will soon question the director of the Phitsanulok airport and the aircrafts' owner for further information.

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