Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vietnam Airlines, Boeing agree to 787 order change

Vietnam 787-8
Vietnam Airlines Boeing 787-8. (Boeing)

Vietnam Airlines and Boeing have agreed to terms for changing the airline's order for eight 787-8 Dreamliners to the larger 787-9 model.

Vietnam Airlines and its leasing company, Vietnam Aircraft Leasing Co., each ordered eight 787-8s. In June, Flightglobal quoted airline CEO Pham Ngoc Minh saying the airline planned to switch to the 787-9 because the 787-8 turned out too heavy to economically operate long-haul routes from Vietnam to Europe and North America.

"Vietnam Airlines and Boeing have agreed to terms for 787-9s," Boeing spokeswoman Jennifer Cram said Monday. "We look forward to finalizing the conversion of eight 787s from -8s to -9s. We are committed to working with Vietnam Airlines to meet its evolving fleet requirements."

Cram said she could provide no details on a possible change of the Vietnam Aircraft Leasing Co. 787-8 order.

Dow Jones quoted Minh saying Boeing scheduled delivery of the first 787-9 to Vietnam Airlines in 2015.

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