Friday, September 3, 2010

Thai Tiger Airways Set to Fly in March 2011

Tiger Air and Thai Airways International (THAI) are working to ensure that their merged entity, Thai Tiger Airways, can begin service by March 2011.

The two companies are now detailing the operational plan, including the leasing of aircraft and finalising both domestic and overseas routes, reported the Bangkok Post.

"It is not necessary for Thai Tiger Airways to lease aircraft from Tiger Air. It can look for the needed planes from any airlines that offer the most suitable and the best deal," THAI president Piyasvasti Amranand said on Tuesday 31 August.

"Thai Tiger also has no obligation to use the Airbus 320 as it is an independent airline."

The CEO of the new budget carrier had yet to be decided, Mr Piyasvasti expected the parent companies to choose a suitable candidate by the end of September.

Thai Tiger, the budget offshoot of THAI and Tiger Air, is set to commence service in March 2011

Thai Tiger will focus mainly on grassroots clients who have never travelled by plane. The flight services will concentrate on domestic and overseas routes served by its competitors. However, Mr Piyasvasti clarified that Thai Tiger's routes would not overlap with those of THAI and Nok Air - an affiliate firm of THAI.

"Thai Tiger Airways might open new routes, such as flights from Bangkok to cities in China and India," he said.

THAI and Tiger Air signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly set up the new budget airline on 2 August.

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