Wednesday, September 1, 2010

China offers compensation to plane crash relatives

BEIJING — Relatives of the 42 people killed last week in a plane crash in northeast China will receive 960,000 yuan (141,000 dollars) in compensation for each victim, according to the airline.

The Brazilian-made Henan Airlines jet crashed in heavy fog on August 24, while attempting to land at an airport in the city of Yichun near the Russian border. Fifty-four passengers and crew survived the disaster.

The airline said the compensation offered to family members was in accordance with civil aviation regulations, Xinhua news agency reported late Monday.

An initial investigation reported by state media and survivors' accounts indicate the plane -- made by Embraer -- missed the runway and crashed, cracking the cabin and triggering an explosion and fire.

It was China's first major air disaster since November 2004.

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