Thursday, August 12, 2010

Five ugliest and worst airline paint jobs-Thailand's NokAir makes the cut

Thailand’s budget airline Nok Air has been nominated as being one of five chosen, that has the ugliest and worst paint jobs on their planes from around the world.

Bangkok 12th August 2010: A recent report showed that a poll from Titanic Award nominated Nok Air of Thailand’s low cost airline to be one of 5 worst and ugliest painted airplanes around the world.

The reports said that of the five airlines chosen, Nok Air was one of them with the green colored painted almost over the whole of the plane and the undercarriage painted in yellow while the nose of the plane was painted as a birds head with a yellow beak…..”Look, it’s a bird…no, it’s a plird or maybe a blane. Oh well, we get the whole bird/plane reference, but this one does not quite seem to work.

Germanwings Airline, have their planes painted as a brown dog with its tongue hanging out and wearing dark glasses. Nothing quite sums up the spirit of Berlin or of competent airline staff like a giant orange sunglasses wearing dog.

The next one is the Hapag-Lloyd Express [HLX] the hard to understand flamingo-taxi combo. The owner of this is one of the giant air transport companies in Germany. These planes are painted yellow with a pink bird on its’ tail, while the front end advertises their business HLK.COM. This conjures up a powerful mix of “stuck in the traffic with meter running, with a standing on one leg in an uncomfortable position.”

The fourth, another low cost airline is Sky-Europe Airlines from Slovakia, which is painted with two women, and a nice use of the windows as their eyes.

The fifth is Swiss Air, which has their plane fully painted with humans and animals walking around so we see every national stereotype crammed onto the fuselage.


怡靜怡靜怡靜怡雯 said...

你的部落格感覺很棒,nice job!............................................................

opsmonkey said...

You're missing the swissair hippie plane

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Unknown said...

The Nok air is cute and beautiful