Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Delta plans to rehire furloughed cabin crew

The world's largest airline, Delta flies a diverse fleet of aircraft including the Boeing 777.

With its international route system continuing to expand, Delta Air LInes has announced that it plans to recruit furloughed flight attendants to return to work for the airline. The need is especially great on routes requiring multi-lingual cabin staff. 'We need a lot of folks with language skills," said CEO Richard Anderson.

The Atlanta-based carrier plans to have the newly trained staff flying again by the middle of 2011, with training set to begin in January. The number of flight attendants who speak not only English but other languages critical to Delta's routes isn't known, but the airline did say that it had about 700 voluntarily furloughed cabin crew at this time. How many are interested in returning to the carrier also isn't known, but all have been offered positions. Many have declined based on their personal situations being different than they were before.

International flights operated by Delta from the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport includes non-stops to several cities in Canada and Mexico including Cancun and new Mexico City service starting in December, plus Tokyo, London, Amsterdam and Paris.

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