Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Helicopter in Bangkok, Thailand (Advance Aviation)

Safety is our ultimate concern. That is why Advance Aviation has opted to buy BRAND NEW twin engine and single engine helicopters that integrate Eurocopter's latest technologies and design. Not only that our helicopters are flown by over-25-years-experienced pilots, accumulated over 6000 flight hours, but also they are maintained daily by highly professional Eurocopter's personnels in the facility specially set up in Bangkok Thailand to ensure maximum maintenance quality of our helicopter. Whether it's business, holiday or simply casual ride, Advance Aviation, the only true VIP helicopter service in Bangkok or all over Thailand, offers a specially tailored charter arrangement to best suit your desire with ultimate VIP treatment. Two helicoptes available for now, the third one will be delivered next year for positioning in the Northern of Thailand. Private Jet Business can be completely operated soon within this year. For more info, please send your enquiry to

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