Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Udorn Royal Thai AFB - F-4 Flight Operations

USAF from 1974-1975, at Udorn Royal Thai Air Force Base, these are still photos I (mostly) took of flightline activities in slideshow format, put to appropriate music.

At the time, I was getting to know my Canon F-1 camera with motor drive and zoom lens, and all of these slides & photos were developed by me at the base Special Services photo lab.

Airborne shots were duplicated from a "backseater" (flight photographer) I met in the photo lab using a bellows system.

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Beacon Creek Gallery said...

Saigon Charlie! Great Job! I was a maintainer on these Phantoms in the Loran Shop 1972-1973. The An/ARN-92 was one of the most accurate Blind Bombing Systems Employed on the F-4 Phantoms! The Towel Bar Antenna Just rear of GIB, Door 19, and the SST-181 antenna. Can be seen in your video! We used this system also on the Recon RF-4C Phantoms, To Target at Intel! Then using the same Sys on the D models Taking out High Value Targets,
such as SAMS, Aircraft, Runways in and around Hanoi
Just to mention a few! God-Speed to all our Comrades that have served & God Bless our Troops on active Duty! SEMPER FI MSGT USAF RET PhantomPhixer