Sunday, April 4, 2010

Which Airlines Have 747s?

  1. The Boeing 747 is large passenger airliner suitable for intercontinental travel. It is the world's fastest subsonic jetliner with a cruising speed of Mach .885. It has a range of 14,815 km or 8,000 nautical miles. Boeing has built and delivered 15 models of the 747 since 1966. The fleet has logged enough miles to fly to the moon and back 101,500 times and has carried 3.5 billion passengers or half the population of the world. More than 70 passenger airlines worldwide owned and operated Boeing 747s in 2010.
  2. United States

  3. In the United States, Delta Airlines operates 22 Boeing 747s, United Airlines operates 24 and World Airways charter service has two. The charter and cargo service, Omega Air, operates one. Logistic Air, a leasing service, operates one.
  4. South American Airlines

  5. South American carrier, Areolineas of Argentina, operates three Boeing 747s; Aerosur of Bolivia has one.
  6. Asian Airlines

  7. Korean Air in South Korea operates 44 Boeing 747s. Cathay Pacific out of Hong Kong operates 41; Japan Airlines has 38. China Airlines in Taiwan operates 30 747s, Singapore Airlines operates 21 and Air China based in China has 18.

    Thai Airways of Thailand has 18 747s; EVA, also from Thailand operates 15. All Nippon Airways in Japan flies 13 747s; Asiana of South Korea has 12. Air India operates seven; Phillipine Airlines operates five. Orient Thai Airlines of Thailand operates four; Garuda of Indonesia operates three and Uni-Top of China has two. China Southern Airlines of China has two; Dragonair out of Hong Kong operates one. Great Wall of China has two. Lionair of Indonesia operates two. Biman Bangladesh and Phuket from Thailand each operate one.
  8. Middle Eastern Airlines

  9. Saudi Arabian Airlines operates 23 Boeing 747s; Iran Air in Iran operates 10. El Al of Israel operates seven, Emirates Air of the United Arab Emirates has six, Pakistan International Airlines operates five. Mahan Air and Saha Air of Iran each operate three. Amiri Flight of the United Arab Emirates has two. Bahrein Ameri Flight has two. Royal Flight Oman has two. Al Wafeer of Saudi Arabia has one. Midex of the United Arab Emirates, Qatar Amiri Flight and Rayyan Air of Pakistan each operate one.
  10. African Airlines

  11. There are seven carriers in Africa operating the Boeing 747. Kabo of Nigeria operates seven; Max Air of Nigeria operates four. MK of Ghana and TAAG Angola Airline each operate three and South African Airways operates two. Cargair of Congo, Kallat El Saker Air of Libya and Royal Air Maroc or Morocco each operate one.
  12. European Airlines

  13. In Europe, British Airways operates 49 Boeing 747s. Lufthansa of Germany operates 29; KLM from the Netherlands operates 26. Air Atlanta Icelandic operates 15; Air France operates 13; Virgin Atlantic in the United Kingdom operates 12. Corsair of France operates five; Pullmantur Air in Spain has three; TNT Airways of Belgium has two. Hellenic Imperial Airways of Greece, Pronair of Spain and Martinair of the Netherlands each operate one.
  14. Eastern European Airlines

  15. There are three carriers in Eastern Europe operating Boeing 747s; Transaero of Russia and Star Airlines of Macedonia each operate two, Blue Sky of Armenia has one.
  16. Pacific Airlines

  17. Four airlines in the South Pacific fly Boeing 747s. Qantas Airlines in Australia operates 27; Malaysia Airlines operates 15. Air New Zealand operates seven and Air Pacific in Fiji operates two.

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