Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thailand sets up private jet terminal

By David Castillo

Thailand’s first private jet terminal is now up and running, and is expected to turn Bangkok into a major transit point for wealthy travellers and businessmen.

The facility is equipped with a luxury lounger, two hangars, and a several services for private jet aircraft. It is situated at Bangkok’s Don Mueang International Airport by Mjets Ltd.

Mjets is a privately owned company that won the bid to build and operate the new facility under a five-year concession.

Jaiyavat Navaraj—managing director of Mjets—says that the venture is not offering quick return investments, but offered a facility that was previously not offered in Thailand.

The company says that the terminal will be a cornerstone in Thailand’s private aviation history.

Currently, there is increasing private jet traffic in the region. Thailand previously could not service private planes that stop over, because there was no facility.

With an increasing number of private jet owners in China and India could benefit Thailand, because it is a convenient stop over for destinations throughout Asia.

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