Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cambodia new national airline will commence flights in September

A Royal Air Cambodge plane seen here shortly before the company was declared bankrupt in 2001.

 Deum Ampil newspaper
Reported in English by Khmerization

Cambodia is to have a new national flag carrier in September, 8 years after the former national flag carrier, Royal Air Cambodge, had gone bankrupt in 2001, reports Deum Ampil.

Mr. Thong Khong, Minister of Tourism, told Deum Ampil on Tuesday the 2nd of June that Cambodia has just unveiled a new national airline which will commence its flights in September. The new national airline will be called Cambodia Angkor and will begin its first flights on 1st September from Siem Reap to Sihanoukville and from Siem Reap to other foreign cities such as Bangkok.

However, Mr. told Thong Khon has not told Deum Ampil of which company was behind the rebirth of this new national airline, but in November 2007 an Indonesian company had signed a contract with the government to form a new national airline with the Cambodian government as the majority shareholder.

The Minister hopes this new airline will help attract more tourists to Cambodia because Cambodia does not need to depend on foreign airlines to bring tourists to the country.

It's 8 years since the last time Cambodia has a national airline when the former national flag carrier, Royal Air Cambodge, was declared bankrupt in 2001 after aircraft maintenance crews caused a large oil spills from the plane due to take the then King Sihanouk to Beijing.


Anonymous said...

I doubt that this new airline will survive beyond 2-3 years as the Indonesian company behind this joint venture has no experience in operating airlines. The company is a logging company. It only knows how to cut trees only.

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