Saturday, April 4, 2009

Airline Pilot Salaries - International Comparison

The income data below is provided to the International Labour Organization by various government agencies, such as Statistics Canada, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statisticws, Statistics Finland, Federal Statistical Office of Germany, National Statistics Republic of China, etc. The income is indicated in U.S. dollars and is average gross salary per month before deductions for taxes, social security etc.

Germany: $9,122. United States: $7,877. Taiwan: $7,867. Philippines: $5,639. Kuwait: $6,445. United Kingdom: $6,177. Brazil: $4,851. Peru: $4,801. Norway: $4,500. Mexico: $4,148. Italy: $4,141. Thailand: $3,335. Australia: $3,443. China: $3,249. Austria: $3,016. Portugal: $2,899. Latvia: $2,757. Hungary: $2,629. Romania: $2,228. Russia: $2,161. Lithuania: $1,674.

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