Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thai airline Nok Air goes for growth.

Nok Air is the budget airline based in Bangkok and operates low cost flights to eighteen destinations within Thailand. Nok Air is a wholly owned subsidiary of Thai national airline Thai Airways.
The airline currently operates three B737-400’s which the airline consider insufficient for them to be able to operate the routes and frequencies they would like. Therefore Nok Air has entered into negotiations withe several parties with the view of leasing two more of the 737-400 version before the middle of 2009.
Two new aircraft will enable the airline to increase the frequency on popular routes and expand the network by opening new routes or reestablishing some of their old ones.
Last year the airline cut jobs and downsized it’s fleet and reduced it’s flying operation and high fuel prices and financial turmoil. It is good to report that Nok Air have come through and are now in a position to start rebuilding their fleet and network.
Nok have stated that their target is to carry 2 million passenger in 2009 and build upon that figure year on year.
The airline admit they had lessons to learn and will not allow themselves to be drawn back into another 2008 situation and are encouraged as domestic tourism has not been slowing as was widely feared.
Check out the great liveries on Nok Air’s planes and what’s going on with the tail fin, it looks like a giant yellow beak with no face and a bright red tongue....this is some different colour scheme. It Rocks....

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