Wednesday, July 16, 2008

US Air Force to produce synthetic jet fuel

The Air Force is putting together a program to develop a domestic synthetic jet fuel,reports an excited Byron King. Byron recently sat down with William Anderson, assistant secretary of the Air Force, to discuss the urgent need to develop jet fuel alternatives. Byron tells us the outlook is promising, in more ways than one:

“Just as the Air Force does not employ many geologists, neither does it run refineries. So the USAF has proposed to lease acreage on its vast land holdings to private industry. The idea is that private investment will build U.S. plants to convert U.S. coal to liquid fuels.

“The U.S. Air Force wants to leverage private industry and capital to construct a synthetic jet fuel industry. And then the USAF will become the final buyer for the product.

“The USAF is among the world’s largest fuel users… it is behind about 10% of all the jet fuel that gets burned in the U.S. So just selling jet fuel to the USAF constitutes a major market.”

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