Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thai Transport Ministry warns air carriers of safety rules

The Ministry of Transport has warned it takes aviation safety seriously and any airline found to have recruited pilots with record of falsifying safety documents will be grounded. Transport Minister Santi Prompat was responding to reports that a low-cost air carrier was found to have doctored safety standard test document.

The Civil Aviation Department suspended the service license for carrier One-Two-Go for 30 days after discovering several breaches of aviation safety regulations, including allegations that one of its pilots had tampered with safety test documents.

One-Two-Go President Udom Tantiprasongchai said the company was notified of the problems over a week ago. He said the suspension of the airline's operating license took place after the company had already announced it would cease services for 45 days due to a number of reasons, including the expensive price of fuel.

Mr Udom said the carrier intends to use this period to rectify problems including compliance with safety regulations that will return service to safety standards once it resumes.

The One-Two-Go president said the company is investigating the Civil Aviation Department's claim that one of its pilots submitted a fraudulent safety test document and if found guilty, the pilot would face the maximum penalty. (TNA)

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