Thursday, July 24, 2008

More flights to Thailand under new agreement

July 23, 2008 Air services to and from Thailand and Brazil will increase after the federal government agreed to new aviation arrangements.

Passenger services to Thailand - Australia's sixth-largest destination - will increase immediately from 35 to a possible 40 a week, and to 45 from March 2009.

There will also be unlimited freight services to Thailand, previously restricted to seven flights a week.

From March next year, the maximum number of seats on flights between Australia and Thailand will reach more 1.87 million annually, 28.6 per cent more than were available under the old bilateral aviation arrangements, Transport Minister Anthony Albanese said.

Airlines in Brazil and Australia will have their entitlements doubled to 14 weekly passenger flights and seven freight services.

Brazil was the most popular South American destination for Australian travellers, with more than 60,000 people flying between the two countries last year.

"The removal of most restrictions on air routes between Australia and Brazil will, over time, provide more choice for travellers ... and allow our airlines to take advantage of the rapidly growing economies of South America," Mr Albanese said in a statement.


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