Sunday, April 27, 2008

Airbus: China needs 2,800 aircraft in 20 years

Updated: 2008-04-27 10:08
Chinese mainland will need to add more than 2,800 passenger aircraft and freighters in the 20 years through 2026, European plane maker Airbus forecast.

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The demand, valued $329 billion, represents 11.6 percent of the world total for more than 24,000 new aircraft during the period, it noted.

China's demand for passenger aircraft is only second to the United States in the period, said John Leahy, Airbus Chief Operating Officer for Customers.

An estimated 2,670 passenger aircraft and 130 cargo planes will be added into the mainland's fleet, according to Airbus' 2007-2008 Global Market Forecast (China). The passenger fleet would triple in size by 2026.

Among the total, the mainland will need more than 1,900 single aisle aircraft, nearly 700 twin-aisles and 190 very large aircraft (VLA), it said.

The number of VLAs, such as A380, needed on the mainland is forecast to rise, as the traffic from and to China increases greatly and becomes highly concentrated in cities like Beijing and Shanghai.

The passenger and cargo traffic on the mainland is expected to grow five-fold and six-fold, respectively, in the 20 years, said Airbus.

"In terms of in-service aircraft, Airbus' market share on the mainland has increased from 7 percent in 1995 to the current 38 percent. Our aim is to reach 50 percent in 2011," Leahy noted.

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